Loyalty | Integrity | Discipline | Synergy

Who We Are

Tycho Event Services is a family-owned company that is personable, knowledgeable, and prepared to offer clients the highest quality event cleaning and event staffing services in Southern California. Our personalized approach allows us to offer each of our clients customized solutions with industry leading customer support driven by loyalty, integrity, and discipline.

Our Team Philosophy

CEO and Founder, Raj Chhina, created the Tycho team philosophy of LIDS to serve as a foundation for all Tycho employees.


These LIDS core qualities are the baseline for every Tycho employee. When you choose to work with Tycho, you are choosing to work with a company that hires and trains according to these guidelines. Tycho employees stand behind their work with loyalty and integrity and perform their work with discipline and synergy.

What Sets Tycho Events Apart

We recognize that you have numerous vendor choices in Los Angeles when it comes to your event cleaning and staffing needs. Our aim is always to over deliver, on every event, small to extravagant. This is why we offer our 3-phase, start-to-finish event services that cover your event cleaning and event staffing needs from pre-party cleaning and set up to lavish “day of” event services, and we finish with breakdown and cleanup services that will leave the venue pristine. Tycho Events cares first and foremost about offering clients the highest quality event cleaning and event staffing services.

“I call you because you get the job done.”

We hear this from our clients on a daily basis. Our clients know that when they call us, they can relax. They can rest assured that their event and staffing challenges will be handled as quickly and efficiently as possible. We offer peace of mind to our clients because our team of Tycho employees is prepared to do whatever it takes to finish the work in a timely, efficient, and effective manner.




We work hard to provide the best people to power your full-service event needs. Tycho event staffers are trained in event management and know how to execute their roles with professionalism and finesse. We take pride in working behind the scenes to make the vision and experience you imagined come to life for your guests.


We believe in professionalism at every point of contact with our clients. With attention to detail at the cornerstone of our practice, we make managing your event frictionless and delightful. “At Your Service” is the philosophy of how we do business.


At Tycho events, we view our clients as partners. Our relationship begins before your event and carries on through your next 10. We are committed to excellence and always “At Your Service”.

You focus on entertaining and we will take care of all the details.

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